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E-Commerce integration - How does it work?

With the Rubens Configurator you can sell highly customizable products via your web shop online or simply trigger product requests for lead generation on your website. Rubens´s 3D product configurator & AR functionality is designed to be embedded seamlessly into all web and e-Commerce platforms.

Embed the Rubens Configurator into your web shop

  1. Define an area in your shop
  2. Add the Roomle code (API)
  3. Enable 3D product customization, visualization
  4. Calculate prices via the shop system and place orders
  5. And finally measure success
How to integrate the Rubens Configurator online

Through the API you get access to the following data:

  • ProductLabel

  • ConfigurationPartList (art. numbers, selected configuration values)

  • ConfigurationImage which can be handed over to the shopping basket

  • ConfigurationID (Unique Rubens configurationID that allows you to access an individual configuration at any time)

  • Tracking events to gain insights of the most important configuration analytics events

  • Price information (if maintained by the manufacturer in the Rubens Admin platform)

  • and much more

Fast shop integration with 3 lines of code
Fast shop integration with 3 lines of code
Rubens 3D Configuration partlist / bill of material example
The Rubens configuration part list as the basis for live price calculation via the shop system
The web shop calculates prices live based on the configuration part list
The web shop calculates prices live based on the configuration part list
Fast shop integration with 3 lines of code
Handover to shopping cart

💡Explore the Rubens Configurator Embedding documentation and learn how to embed the Configurator and how to extract relevant data from the configurations which can be further used in your sales processes.

Works with all major E-commerce platforms

Compatible with all major E-commerce platforms

Rubens Skinning Possibilities

  • Interface buttons can be shown or hidden (e.g. AR, part list, show product dimensions, product request button, ....)

  • Basic skinning of the interaction elements: customization of colors of navigation elements (buttons, boxes)

  • Configurator background: You can either go with our standard background or use our pre-defined 3D scene with an endless floor. Learn more in our short guide about changing floor materials within the configurator.

Standard 3D Scene vs. endless floor scene
Left: Rubens standard scene // Right: Rubens with Endless floor

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